My little boy is 2!

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. We got pregnant with Holly, bought a house, sold our house, moved, travelled to NJ for Thanksgiving, hosted Christmas, survived Brian and Travis getting the flu, and baby sister was born. So much has changed with Travis since my last update that I don’t even know where to begin!

His day starts with him getting out of his crib around 8:30-9….even though he wakes up around 7:30. He plays so quietly in his crib that Mommy and Daddy can’t help but take advantage of some extra sleep. For breakfast, Travis is a big fan of waffles on the couch while watching an episode of Bubble Guppies. :) For a period of time, he would only eat oatmeal squares cereal, but then Mommy quit fighting the high chair battle and succumbed to a couch breakfast. That is what being pregnant with a highly active toddler will do to you! He also will finally eat his Flintstones vitamins, which we call “candy.” It took awhile, but his Daddy finally got him excited about these. Thank goodness, too, because his diet isn’t always the best!

We loved our morning playdates with friends, library story times, or Gymboree classes. Travis really thrived at Gymboree, physically and socially. I loved watching him learn how to climb new equipment and overcome his fears of tackling new things alone. He still reached for my hand if he was unsure of himself, which I adored. I loved knowing that he still looked to me for help. Travis is such a kind soul at our Gymboree classes, waiting his turn and sharing any of the toys that were passed out.  Even if he can seem like a crazy man at home, he always behaved incredibly well at Gymboree class. He loves bubble time and getting stamps on his hands and feet at the end of class. 

After our morning adventures, I would try to get some sort of a lunch down before nap. My go-tos were yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and hummus with pretzels. If we were out too long, he would get a string cheese, cracker, and squeezie (fruit/veggie squeeze pouch) quick lunch. I still put Travis down at 1pm, and his naps started shrinking from three hours to 1.5-2 hours. Not a fan over here. But I am thankful that he still naps at all! Until Holly was born, I still napped while he napped almost every day. That was really important for me to be able to get through the day, especially during my third trimester!

After nap, we would run errands at Target or have play time at home. Travis has started eating what we eat for dinner, which makes my life much easier. Prior to that, he was a big fan of hot dogs (at least 2 at a time), chicken nuggets (off and on), fish sticks (rarely, but sometimes), or linguine with veggie sauce (holla hidden veggies). I got really tired of making two meals, especially knowing that he might not even eat what I made for him. Since Brian was home for paternity leave, we only offered Travis what we ate (a huge thank you to so many friends and family for providing us multiple meals). This has gone really well, and I hope to stick to it!

Travis still gets a bath on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and he LOVES bath time. When he was sick with the flu in January, he got a bath every night. He had a rough cold in December prior to getting the flu from his daddy, so we had a rough month with him health wise. Once he got diagnosed with the flu, I quit going to gymboree and tried to isolate him from other kids as much as possible. That was not a whole lot of fun, but he stayed healthy when his sister was born. I did enjoy giving him more baths though, because he is so happy in the bath tub! Brian has taught him how to squirt me with his bath toys, and that is such a hit. Daddy is the bath giver, unless he is at work late. That is a special time for the two of them, and he is a pro! Bedtime follows bathtime, and we shoot for 8-8:30pm. After getting a diaper change and jammies on, Travis gets his teeth brushed (speaking of teeth, he has all of them but his 2 year old molars) and three stories read to him. He then turns off the table lamp, turns on the sound machine, and gets plopped in bed! He sleeps with his beloved puppa (his blue dog lovey blanket), Boo, Scout, and Dog Dog. 

Travis’ current likes: puppa, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Super Why (new finds on PBS), all things carb, pink and yellow squeezies, going to play outside, climbing on the pieces of equipment at playgrounds that are way too old for him (and thus giving mommy and daddy multiple heart attacks), chasing/terrorizing Sugar, playing chase, sitting on our shoulders, opening every door possible and getting into mischief (hence the new child proof door thingys that I have put on almost every door in our house), stealing our phones and “talking” on them, putting things in and out of containers, playing golf and soccer with his daddy, giving mommy hugs and kisses, reading stories before nap and bed (and using this as a procrastination tool-ONE MORE BOOK!), sucking his left thumb while holding puppa, having the cutest blonde curls around :)

Even though you have hit your “terrible twos” fast and strong, we still love your wild man giggles and are so excited to see how much you will change in the next few months. You have gone from saying a few words here and there to putting together multiple word “sentences” (“uh oh baby crying” is a frequent one). Some of the words that you used to butcher now are clear as day (appe is now open, all duh is now all done, wa wa is now yo-grut, i do is now vacuu). You make progress with your language every day, and even during your wild conversations with yourself, I can still make out a ton of words. For a while, you would add “too” after everything that you said. “Momma, too-Daddy, too-Shishi, too, Puppa, too.” It was so adorable, and Brian and I started copying you when you weren’t around. You love to point out exactly where you want things “right there.” You certainly know what you want and when/where you want it!

You love your friends and family, and you have gotten really good about pointing out the right names with faces in a picture. You try to use the remote and our iPhones, and you aren’t too far off track. You “read” stories to us, and you actually kinda make sense with your descriptions. You can point out so many different types of animals in books that it blows my mind. You can count to three consistently (usually ending with “go!—-tonight it ended in “bread” because Daddy said he could get a piece of bread if he counted to three, so cute) and you are working on counting to five. You can do 5, 6, 7, but you have a hard time getting from 3 to 5. You can point out W. M, and A when you see them, and you pronounce “w” as “double yay.” That is one of my favorites. You pointed out a “9” the other day when you saw it on the vacuum. That was a surprise. Even if you drive me wild, I love you like I never could have imagined!!!

At his 2 year old well check today, he weighed 29.8 pounds (80th percentile) and was 35.75 inches (80th percentile). His head width was in the 75th percentile, so he is a very proportional little boy!


March 22, 2014

Our beautiful Holly Rose is one month old already! It is amazing how quickly this month has flown by. Our sweet little girl has won over her big brother, and she has stolen my heart (again-Travis took it once already). She was born on February 22, 2014 at 4:17pm. She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 20.25 inches long. It was weird to be away from Travis while we were in the hospital, but it was nice to have some time to bond with our little girl. She weighed 7 lb 10.5 oz when we were discharged from the hospital, and was 7 lb 10 oz when we went to our first pediatrician appointment on the next day. However, she was still at 7lb 10 oz a week later, so I had to do a combination of nursing, pumping after each nursing session, and then supplementing formula on top of that if she was still hungry. I did that for four days, and she gained four ounces in those four days. That was great progress! Five days later, I met with the lactation consultant at our pediatrician, and she was up to 8lb 1 oz. She gained three ounces while nursing at that appointment, so the LC said that I was cleared to nurse her exclusively at that point. That was the best news that I had heard in a while!

We started Holly in the pack n play with newborn napper attachment in our room for the first two weeks. Once she hit two weeks old, we moved her over to her crib, but she still ended up in bed with me for many chunks of the night. I could get her to fall asleep in her room around midnight, but once she woke up that first or second time, it was nearly impossible to get her back to sleep in her crib. So we had some early morning snuggle sessions. Luckily, we have moved past that after about a week! She has been sleeping in her crib all night for over a week, so that is another big accomplishment for us.

She does a great job of napping throughout the day. She eats about every three hours in the beginning part of the day, and shrinks it to two hours in the afternoon. Then she likes to cluster feed from about 8-12. If that allows me to get a long sleep stretch, I will take it! 

I got a week off of work when she was born, but I have been back at my online teaching since she was a week old. I spend many nights working at my computer over her on my nursing pillow. Brian took two weeks off of work, and he was a huge help with Travis. I had to spend a lot of time nursing and pumping during those weeks, and I really could not devote nearly enough time to my little boy as I wanted. Brian really took over and I couldn’t have made it through without him! That third week was a blur, and I know that Travis got to watch a lot more tv than I would have liked. He gets into EVERYTHING now, so anytime that I had to nurse or pump, he got to watch an episode of Bubble Guppies or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That was the only way for me to get him to stay still. Hopefully I can work on that in the future! Holly nurses so darn quickly that I don’t need to occupy Travis nearly as long with each show as I would have expected. She finishes each side in around 8 minutes! Travis used to nurse for 20 minutes on each side and I would have to pluck him off. I think he would have nursed forever in the beginning, if I would have let him! That has been a really nice surprise with our little girl. I guess she knows that I don’t have time to sit with her all day, with her wild big brother running around and getting into mischief!

Another big difference between Holly and Travis is that she has quite the penchant for spitting up. Travis very rarely did, and she seems to spit up after every feeding. I go through multiple burp cloths every day. It is so wild to me! Both Brian and I have gotten spit up on almost every day when we were not appropriately decked out with a burp cloth. 

Holly’s main fussy time is late afternoon, which I am sure is pretty normal. Dinner time tends to lead to lots of crying, which is not ideal. We used to put Travis in his swing and pop in a Baby Einstein dvd during our dinner time. I tried that once with Holly and it worked for a bit, but then Travis kept begging for later. I do not want him spending our family dinner staring at the tv, so that is out. Hoping to find a solution soon, other than eating over her while I am nursing her. Poor girl has gotten many crumbs dropped on her head.

I pulled out our baby play mat last week, and Holly seems to enjoy the music and lights feature at the top of the arch. I like being able to have her lay on that while Travis is playing on the floor nearby. I look forward to her being able to reach for the dangly attachments soon!

We are starting to figure out what our new life is like, and I know that it has so many great things in store. Travis often says to me “baby crying now” and he wants to make sure that I take care of it. The first couple of weeks when Brian was home, Travis would leave his room yelling for “momma, baby, momma, baby” and come running in to see us. He gives Holly kisses all on his own, and he even has asked to hold her a couple of times. He will do it with our supervision…..and then decide that he is quickly over it.  He even zaps her with his little zapper, just like he does to us. I think he understands now that she isn’t going anywhere!

At her 1 month well check today, she weighed 9 pounds 0.5 ounces (55th percentile) and measured 21.5 inches long (75th percentile). Her head width was in the 50th percentile. She has made some great strides!!


Travis’ pregnancy on the left and Baby #2 Pregnancy on the right

39 weeks

Weight of baby: a bit over 7 pounds

Length of baby: about 20 inches from head to toe

Baby size: a mini-watermelon

Cool baby changes: At this point, she is continuing to gain layers of fat that will help regulate her temperature after she is born. She also is shedding the outer layers of her skin!

Mommy changes: We made it through the snow storm without baby girl being born, which was a huge relief! I have had lots of cramping off and on this week, and we thought that Sunday night might have been THE night! Thank goodness that it wasn’t! I am still hoping to keep her in here as close to my due date as possible, since her daddy is very busy at work until the day AFTER she is due. :) I am sleeping alright, waking up a bit here and there. Nothing terrible though!! I still feel very comfortable throughout the day, which I am so lucky to be able to say. I think that she has dropped quite a bit in the past few days, just because my belly is really sitting on my lap at this point. 

I got a pedicure this week, so that my feet and toes will be pretty for the labor and delivery nurses. :) I did this last time at 10 days out, and I went 8 days out for baby girl’s pregnancy. What a nice treat before the big show!

At my 39 week prenatal appointment today, I found out that I am 2 cm dilated and about 60-70% effaced. My doctor asked if I wanted a membrane sweep, to which I declined. She said that things are looking/feeling really good down there, and she is relatively confident that if she does the sweep at my appointment next week (Monday afternoon-Tuesday is due date), that I will go into labor within a day or two. She is on call at the hospital tomorrow night and Monday night. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have my own OB deliver my daughter, just as she was able to do with my son!

I have been on overdrive to get things checked off of my pre-baby to do list. My mom has been staying with me while Brian is working such long hours, and she has been such an incredible help with Travis and everything in general. We are working hard on a long list of busy bags for Travis to use when baby girl comes. I hope to pull them out to entertain him while I am nursing and can’t give him my immediate attention. I am really proud of all of the crafts that we have created for him, and we are just about done with that list! It has been a really fun project for the both of us, as well. I made a huge batch of lactation cookies this afternoon, in preparation for baby girl’s arrival. I also sanitized my pump parts and bottles, in case we need those!

I hope to make it until at least Monday, so we will see how the next few days go!!


Travis’ pregnancy on the left and Baby #2 Pregnancy on the right

38 weeks

Weight of baby: about 6.8 pounds

Length of baby: about 19.5 inches from head to toe

Baby size: a leek

Cool baby changes: At this point, she should have a firm grasp, and all of her organs have matured enough to be ready for life outside of my belly!

Mommy changes: Baby girl still likes to move primarily at night. She will be still for huge chunks of the day and then BAM she is moving in every possible direction at once. I like to joke that she is a little alien baby, because it’s hard to imagine that this is just the product of two arms and two legs. It’s wild to watch! If she hasn’t moved in a bit and Brian is home, I like to have him touch my belly. She ALWAYS responds to him, which is pretty cool. It’s nice to have that to fall back on, and it is very sweet to see their relationship starting this early. 

At my weekly appointment today, I measured a bit behind at 37 cm again. The doc said that this was totally fine, because it really depends on baby girl’s position. In terms of dilation, I am about 1-1.5 cm dilated. Those checks certainly are painful! My cervix is “very soft” at this point, which she said meant that things could kick start at any point. We are having somewhat of a winter storm here over the next couple of days, so I hope that she at least stays put until after this slushy/icy mess passes. I still want her to cook until my due date or a bit later, but holding off until this weekend would be a plus regardless! Brian and I have a Valentines Date planned for the weekend, which will be our last night out just the two of us before baby girl comes. I nursed Travis for 15 months and I intend to nurse baby girl for as long as possible, as well. That certainly makes these nights out few and far between for me! Her room is totally ready and all of her clothes are washed. We drove by our new hospital last week, so we know where to go when it’s time for the big show. We have plans in place for little Travis when it’s time to go to the hospital. It’s wild thinking that every night I go to bed could theoretically be our last night as a family of three. Hoping to have two more of these updates!!!


I guess family nap time is over!


Travis’ pregnancy on the left and Baby #2 Pregnancy on the right

37 weeks

Weight of baby: 6 and 1/3 pounds

Length of baby: a bit more than 19 inches from head to toe

Baby size: a bunch of swiss chard

Cool baby changes: Her main focus for the next three weeks are brain and lung development and weight gain!

Mommy changes: At my weekly appointment today, I measured right on time at 37 cm. I am not dilated at all yet, which is just fine with me. We hope to keep little girl in there until maybe a couple of days past her due date! I have had some more cramping this week, but not enough to mean anything yet (apparently). Still sleeping through the night just fine, with minimal aches and pains here and there. Travis keeps me busy enough to take my mind off of the last few weeks of pregnancy!


Travis’ pregnancy on the left and Baby #2 Pregnancy on the right

36 weeks

Weight of baby: almost 6 pounds

Length of baby: more than 18.5 inches from head to toe

Baby size: head of romaine lettuce

Cool baby changes: She is shedding her vernix caseosa, which is the waxy stuff that protected her from amniotic fluid for the past nine months. She also is shedding the fuzzy hair covering her body. Apparently she ingests both of these things, which creates those lovely meconium diapers. Ew!

Mommy changes: I have had two doctor’s appointments since my last update! For my 35 week appointment last Wednesday, my doctor wheeled out the portable ultrasound machine to check baby’s position. She definitely is head down, which is a huge relief! I got to see the top of her skull down low, as well as her feet up high. My doctor said that there is plenty of amniotic fluid in there too, which is a good thing. I measured around 34.5 cm last week. I had my 36 week appointment this morning, and I jumped to 36-36.5 cm. Hooray! She is measuring right on time, and her heartbeat has been in the 140s during the past two appointments. My blood pressure and weight gain are just fine, and everything else is going very smoothly! They will not check me until 38 weeks, unless I start to have Braxton Hicks contractions this week. I still haven’t had any of those yet, but a bit of random cramping here and there. 

I also had a lovely little sprinkle for baby girl this weekend! I am very lucky that some of my closest friends were able to gather to celebrate baby girl. We have some darling clothes washed and waiting for her now! It was a really nice day for me, and I am thankful for the generosity of our loved ones.

Baby girl is using the same nursery and nursery furniture that Travis started out in. We transitioned him to his big boy room about a month ago now. Over the weekend, I washed all of her clothes and sorted her closet by size. I reorganized the drawers in the dresser and chest, and Brian adjusted her crib back up to newborn height. It looks so darn high now!!! We also purchased letters to spell out her name, and Brian hung them up on Sunday. A few weeks ago, he hung up bookshelves for her. Her room is totally set and ready for her arrival! 

This is the first week that things have REALLY begun to set in. She will be here soon. Really soon. I am going to be a mother to two children. I have been so nervous lately about how I am going to balance Travis and his baby sis, almost to the point where I haven’t allowed myself to get excited about her arrival. I finally feel like I am ready to meet her! Our house is relatively ready. Travis is getting a bit more independent (at times). My workload has lessened a little bit, so I am getting more sleep. I would like for her to keep cooking for several more weeks, but we are starting to get ready to meet her!!

We had maternity shots taken over the weekend, as well. It was so nice to be able to capture some special moments of baby girl and I, Brian and I, and Travis with the both of us. I was so pleased with how these turned out, and I can’t wait to blow them up with some baby girl newborn shots to make a big wall collage!!


Travis’ pregnancy on the left and Baby #2 Pregnancy on the right

35 weeks

Weight of baby: about 5.25 pounds

Length of baby: over 18 inches from head to toe

Baby size: honeydew melon

Cool baby changes: Her kidneys are fully developed, and her liver can process some bodily waste. Most of her physical development is done at this point. She just needs some more time to pack on the pounds!

Mommy changes: After making it 34.5 weeks without having to get up in the middle of the night to pee, my amazing run is over. Also, I have had a bit of pregnancy insomnia in the middle of the night the past few nights. Baby girl has been having dance parties when Momma has been trying to sleep. My mom told me that I used to keep her up from 1-3 many nights from kicking and moving around. It is starting to look like little girl will be a night owl, like her mom!


Trying to soak in these sweet moments as much as I can before baby sister comes. Apparently Travis’ Little People like sliding as much as he does!


With baby girl’s due date being just six weeks away, we have been talking to Travis about her more and more. This is how he feels about her upcoming arrival.